• Iron ore is mined worldwide and shipped to steel mills where it can be heated to over 2500 degrees.

  • The iron is seperated and processed into steel, while the molten waste is cast into pits.

  • Once cooled to a chilly 800 degrees, the slag rock is dug out and taken to a processing plant.

  • The slag is crushed and screened into a precise product.

  • The aggregate is quality tested and stockpiled in state approved categories.

  • The recycled aggregate is used in concrete, asphalt, and rock wool insulation. Slag is used as road base, construction backfill, in deicing agents, and as an agricultural liming product.

  • Instead of mining materials for infrastructure improvments, slag provides an environmentally sound, cost conscious and abundant source for any of your aggregate needs.

Welcome to Beemsterboer Slag Corp.

The Beemsterboer family has been processing slag aggregate for over 70 years. With multiple locations in the Northwest Indiana and the Chicago region, we can provide custom crushing and screening services and quality recycled aggregate for any job. As a lightweight alternative to quarried stone, slag affords more cubic yardage per ton, saves our customers trucking costs, and requires no environmentally detrimental local mining.

Customers can pick up our product or ask about our delivery capabilities. Other services available include barge and ship loading/unloading, equipment rental, excavation and earth work, local trucking, mill services, coal-handling, landscaping, and material mining and disposal. Contact us today for a quick quote.

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